5 ways to improve strategic thinking skills
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Time for Progress
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make it!
overwhelment with mundane business tasks
derail from strategic thinking
focus on investing time into future
getting rid of anxiety
Your own Biases
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be aware of them!
question your thoughts
your mind is a tool
you are greater than your mind
What are my current circumstances?
Is my perspective realistic?
What does my point of view imply?
What other points did I not consider that I should have?
Listening Skills
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every team member is valuable and should be heard
by listening you are fostering an atmosphere of participation
open mind
free of bias
for feedback
to learn new perspectives
to identify the most valuable points
Questioning Skills
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good articulation of a question is half of the solution
questioning opens room for improvement
Is the idea rational?
Identify proof that exists to support the theory
Is the source credible?
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understand them
Think through the repercussions of each option.
important in final decision-making
What outcome will align best with the vision of your organization?
Is there an option that will open long-term opportunities?
Which will help meet our goals best?
to overcome one’s own egocentrism
leads to creativity, progress, and innovation

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